Grand hotel "Uyut" is designed for business and prefer as guests.

Uyut Grand Hotel


Data policies are General and may vary depending on room type. Please check out the description of Your room.
Check-in 12:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 PM
Booking cancellation During the high season 72 hours weekdays 24 hours
Children and extra beds from 0 to 10 years without payment from 10 and older fee of 800 rubles Children with parents in room from 0 to 10 years without payment; from 10 years and older - extra charge of 800 rubles.
Pets Pets are not allowed!
Accept credit cards VISA , MasterCARD Accept credit картыVISA , MasterCARD
All inclusive: In the morning You will enjoy Breakfast - Swedish table. The variety of dishes, homemade cakes, fruit, jam and own-made drinks will not leave indifferent even a gourmet. For those who wish, a dietary table. You don't have to think about everyday worries, such as Laundry and Ironing service - all inclusive. Want to use the Internet, the computer - all inclusive. Your car is under video surveillance.

Terms & Conditions

The procedure of booking is absolutely safe. All personal details are encrypted and processed in a secure mode. Personal information will only be used for booking.